Gold Medals & Scholarships

  1. Professor M L T Kannangara Scholarship & Gold Medal  [Started June 2022]We are glad to inform that CUFSAA Executive Committee officially approved the proposal to establish two Scholarships to be given to Physics Special students each year (a third-year scholarship and the continuation of the third-year scholarship during the fourth year), and a gold medal to be awarded to the outstanding Physics Special Graduate with a First Class Honors at the Convocation. The scholarships and the gold medal will honor Prof. M L T Kannangara, a former head of the department of Physics at the University of Colombo (UoC) who was an excellent instructor and who was also instrumental in establishing the UoC-Uppsala joint research project among various other services to the Physics program at UoC. If you are willing and able to support this project, please send your donation to the CUFSAA.
  2. The Endowments to Honor Professor L.M.V. Tillekeratne [Started July 2020] In July, 2020 number of Professor L.M.V. Tillekeratne’s students and friends came together and formed a team (Prof LMVT Students & Friends) with the sole purpose of establishing a gold medal and a scholarship to benefit students at the Science Faculty, University of Colombo to honor their beloved teacher and friend, Professor L.M.V. Tillekeratne.  CUFSAA-NA received funds from the team and provided the logistical support to establish the endowments through the Science Faculty Board, the Senate, and the Bursar’s Office of the University of Colombo with support from Dean and the Head of the Chemistry Department.
  3. Gold Medal for Special Degree Program in Computational Chemistry  [Started January 2020]
    The Department of Chemistry (U of C) is of the view that the award of a gold medal for Special Degree in Computational Chemistry would not only motivate these students but would also assist them in securing positions for postgraduate studies. The Colombo University Faculty of Science Alumni Association of North America (CUFSAA-NA), in consultation with the Faculty of Science, has decided to fill this void by sponsoring a gold medal in computational chemistry. The award was named the ‘CUFSAA Gold Medal for Computational Chemistry’ and shall be awarded annually from the academic year 2019/2020 for the best performance with either a First or Second Class (Upper Division) in the Honours degree examination in Computational Chemistry.
  4. Professor Valentine Joseph Memorial Scholarship and Gold medals project  [Started in May 2018] – In 2018, CUFSAA-NA launched a fundraiser to immortalize late Professor Valentine Joseph’s name through a project consisting of scholarships and gold medal presentations to outstanding students. The Gold Medal and cash award is given to the Best Mathematics student graduating from the Department of Mathematics at the Annual convocation. The premium scholarships are aimed at supporting two mathematics majoring students taking both academic achievement and economic needs into consideration. Gold Medals and Scholarships are being awarded since 2019 convocation of the University of Colombo.
  5. CUFSAA Student Scholarships [Started in May 2018] – Since inception CUFSAA has been supporting students need via Scholarships.

Each scholarship commitment is currently set at $35 per month or more for 12-months. CUFSAA is a  volunteer organization and make no payments to its members or executive board. 100% of  donations were (and will be) allocated to the projects. The CUFSAA overhead costs of these activities have always been the bank transfer fees and any third party fees ONLY.