CUFSAA Mentoring Program

Be a North American Mentor to a new UofC Graduate – CUFSAA has created a mentor list of our alumni who live in different cities in North America so that, if a new UoC graduate arriving for graduates studies or for a job is looking for a friendly face in the city or the state, we can, with your permission, get this young person in contact with you. If you are willing to help out the next generation of UoC alumni in North America, please send your name, location, and contact information to us at

Within a couple of weeks since its inception the CUFSAA mentor program now has almost 50 mentor!

The CUFSAA mentors simply do this: Suppose a new Sci Fac graduate arrives in the United States or Canada pursuing higher studies or employment. CUFSAA will get the student in contact with a willing CUFSAA mentor in the area/state and the mentor can try and help the student settle down by helping ease some of the “blues” encountered in those early difficult months. There is no major commitment at all. A little bit of advice, a warm smile, a home made meal from a Sci Fac alumni might go a long away towards giving a young student a great start in North America.

We want more mentors so that we can provide a truly phenomenal service to our Sci Fac graduates. Please volunteer by contacting with your name, email, institution (optional), city and state (We will not release contact info without your permission). Remember those early days when you first came here?

Please give back the help that someone would have given you when you first came to this land, so far away from our land of birth.

Resources for graduate students arriving in the US:

1. Transitioning from a Graduate of University of Colombo to a graduate student in the US – A Presentation full of useful tips – June 2016

2. TIPS for Teaching Assistants arriving from Sri Lanka – September 2018

3. Tips for Sri Lankan Grad Students entering the Corporate World – October 2018