Resource Request Form

For each Resource Request from the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo, there will be two key individuals, (two Resource Champions – RCs) one from the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo(Colombo-RC) and the other from CUFSAA (UFSAA-RC ).

Once CUFSAA is notified with a request, the ExCo will assign a CUFSAA-RC based on his/her expertise on the particular resource request. The CUFSAA-RC will be responsible to work with the Colombo-RC and vice versa.  It is expected that the CUFSAA-RC to evaluate the Resource Request based on the rationale and fundability and make a pitch to ExCo.  If the evaluation from the ExCo is a GO, then CUFSAA-RC is expected to work with the ExCo to identify avenues to fund of satisfy the Resource Request. Once funded, the CUFSAA-RC will be responsible to report the progress of the project on semiannual or annual basis for 2 years.


    • FULL NAME:
    • TITLE:
    • PHONE:
    • EMAIL:

EQUIPMENT   OR    OTHER              Explain if other …………………………


3.1 Explain how the requested resource benefit students and/or the department

3.2 Would the requested resource benefit students?  Yes             No

3.2.1.  If YES, explain how.


4.1 Explain the current status of affairs in the absence of the requested resource

4.2 Is there any other alternative if CUFSAA could not accommodate the requested resource

4.3 Explain the impact on students and/or on the department if CUFSAA could not accommodate      the requested resource

  1. RATIONALE – Please explain the rationale of your request
  1. OTHER FUNDING SOURCES – Besides CUFSAA what are the other potential funding sources for your request?

6.1 Have you pursued other funding resources?

6.2 If not why?

6.3 If yes what was the outcome?

  1. How soon do you need the requested resource? and why?
  1. Propose specifications such as the brand, the model, the cost and the source for purchasing.
  1. Provided CUFSAA fulfills your request, explain how you report the progress on the impact of the resource.