Faculty of Science – Centennial Book

A commemorative volume is being launched as part of the centenary celebrations of the Faculty of Science. This volume stands as a tribute, chronicling the inception, evolution, and remarkable landmarks of the faculty’s 100-year odyssey towards academic eminence. This is a book that holds enduring value for alumni-past, present, and future-of this esteemed institution.

This exceptional publication is not intended for public sale. However, in recognition of the invaluable support extended by CUFSAA-NA, towards the success of this and many other projects, the faculty has committed to providing us with 100 copies. CUFSAA-NA members may receive a copy in exchange for a $ 100 contribution, which will be directed towards the cost of printing. To reserve your copy. please email info@cufsaa.org.

The estimated delivery date of the book by the printer is September 15, 2023. The copies allotted for CUFSAA should be in our possession sometime in late October (depending on shipping and related timelines).

If you would like to reserve your copies, please use the PayPal button for making your donation ($100 per copy) which will go towards covering the printing cost of the publication.


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