Take a Book Program

CUFSAA-NA “Take a Book Program”

Over the last few years, a few chemistry graduates from the Faculty of Science, University of Toledo shipped a large number of text books to the Chemistry Department. In addition to supplementing the catalogue of the Science Faculty Library, the Chemistry Department has now established its own library with the books we sent. That was the effort of a few individuals. Collectively, we can make a bigger impact and extend this program to help other departments as well.

How about carrying a book for the department of your choice when you go to Sri Lanka next?

We hope to receive a list of books required by the different departments form the Faculty of Science soon and we will make it available to you. If you are willing to help, please email us at info@cufsaa.org for further information.

We collect books and ship to Sri Lanka too!

In addition to carrying a book (or more if you wish to) when you visit Sri Lanka, we also collect books and ship them to Sri Lanka. The latest shipment was sent to Sri Lanka in April 2019. Those of us who work in academia may have access to many textbooks that are disposed of on a regular basis. These books can all be collected and shipped to Sri Lanka. If you have books that you would like to donate, please ship them to:

Dr. Saliya de Silva
393 Valley Road
River Edge, NJ 07661.

We will make arrangements to ship them from there.

Please review the University of Colombo – Library Book Donation Policy below to make sure your donated books are useful to Sri Lanka.

Donation Policy of the Library, University of Colombo

University of Colombo Library welcomes gifts of publications in all formats (books, complete volumes of periodicals or single issues with an academic value, sound recordings, maps, electronic resources, data files) which support the curricula and research needs of the university.

1. Donors wishing to gift materials to the Library should contact the Librarian, with the information regarding the type and quantities of items to be gifted and the excepted method of delivery to the Library.
2. The Library is not responsible to inventorize the collection prior to the transfer of the collection to the Library and it is the responsibility of the donor to provide such an inventory.
3. Library will physically inspect the collection proposed to be gifted to consider its status and the relevance to the university education and research. If the Librarian is satisfied with the relevance of the collection, it will be accepted on behalf of the university.
4. The Library will not maintain any separate collections of gifted material.
5. The Library will immediately acknowledge the gifts and they will be merged with the existing collection of the library. Once accessioned, gifted material become the property of the University of Colombo and are not returned to the donor under any circumstance

Materials that are not accepted
• Outdated or superseded materials (old edition, obsolete subject content)
• Photocopied material
• Scattered volumes of multi-volume sets, unless needed to complete sets
• Materials in poor physical condition or those that are written on or heavily highlighted.
• Duplicates o f material held by the Library unless additional copies are needed

Donation Policy of the Library, University of Colombo was confirmed in the 18th meeting of the Library Committee held on 03th August 2015.

End Quote

If you plan to visit Sri Lanka in the near future and would like to take a book with you to donate to the faculty of science, please let us know. We will have a list of books required by the faculty for you to choose from and purchase to take with you to Sri Lanka.

Please READ book requests and additional info from the following Link.

Thank you for your support for your ALMA MATER!