A. Resources to Alumni in Grad School and Industry:

1. Transitioning from a Graduate of University of Colombo to a graduate student in the US – A Presentation full of useful tips – June 2016

2. TIPS for Teaching Assistants arriving from Sri Lanka – September 2018

3. Tips for Sri Lankan Grad Students entering the Corporate World – October 2018

4. From UOC to Wall Street: A glimpse into the Quant Finance industry – Presentation by Chryshanie Fernandopulle
(BS Statistics, University of Colombo, MS Financial Engineering, Columbia University New York) on December 30, 2019

B. Resources and Reading Materials

1. Article on 1977 Science Faculty Batch Get-together on December 08, 2018 held at the Pegasus Reef Hotel, Wattala – Nalin Samarasinha

2. A report from Oregon Total Eclipse viewing party of UofC Science Faculty Alumni – Nalin Samarasinha 

C. Links to websites and other resources

1. Alumni Association of the University of Colombo

2. Sri Lankan American Knowledge Exchange (SLAKE) webinar series

3. University of Colombo Alumni Association of NSW Inc.

D. Issues of Chem@UoC [University of Colombo, Chemistry Department Newsletter]

1. Department of Chemistry Newsletter_Issue 03 [Dec 2022]
2. Department of Chemistry Newsletter_Issue 02 [Jun 2021]
3. Department of Chemistry Newsletter_Issue 01 [Jan 2021]