About Us

CUFSAA-NA is a recognized charitable organization registered in the US and your donations to CUFSAA-NA may be tax deductible.

CUFSAA-NA is formed exclusively to foster, maintain and support a mutually beneficial relationship between the alumni of the Colombo University Science Faculty living in North America, the University of Colombo, and the community at large. It is organized exclusively for social, charitable, and educational purposes.

01. The Executive Committee of CUFSAA

The members of the Executive Committee of CUFSAA-NA are as follows. Please click on the Committee members name to reach their biographies.

  1. Binodh De Silva, Ph.D. NJ, USAVice President
  2. Saliya De Silva, Ph.D. NJ, USAVice President
  3. Sachith Dissanayake, Ph.D. NY, USAVice President
  4. Reshan Fernando, Ph.D. NC, USAPresident
  5. Wasundara Fernando, Ph.D. Nova Scotia, CanadaSecretary
  6. L.C. Goonetilleke, Ph.D. NJ, USA
  7. Angelo Gunasekera, Ph.D. NY, USA
  8. Chandrasiri Jayakody, Ph.D. MI, USA President-Elect
  9. Neranjaka Jayarathne, Ph.D. NJ, USAAssistant Secretary
  10. Sumedha Jayasena, Ph.D. CA, USA
  11. Prabath Kuruwitaarachchi, B.Sc. NC, USA
  12. Sandya Liyanarachchi, M.S. OH, USA Treasurer
  13. Mahendra Munidasa, Ph.D. Ontario, Canada
  14. Lalith Perera, Ph.D. NC, USA
  15. Unil Perera, Ph.D. GA, USA
  16. Vicumpriya Perera, Ph.D. OH, USA Immediate Past President
  17. Asoka Pinnaduwage, B.Sc. Ontario, Canada
  18. Kirthi Premadasa, Ph.D. WI, USA
  19. Oshadha K. Ranasingha, Ph.D. NH, USA
  20. Kumuditha Ratnayake, Ph.D. NC, USA
  21. Nalin Samarasinha, Ph.D. AZ, USA
  22. L.M.V. Tillekeratne, D.Phil. OH, USA Founder President
  23. Gajaka Weerasinghe, M.S.,M.Sc. PA, USA
  24. Isurika Weerasinghe, B.Sc. NC, USA
  25. Jeeva Witanachchi, M.S. MI, USAAssistant Treasurer

02. The Bylaws of CUFSAA

The bylaws of CUFSAA was approved by the membership at the Inaugural Annual Meeting of CUFSAA on September 04, 2016 at CUFSAA – BRUNCH at Akbar Banquet Hall, 21 Cortlandt Street, Edison NJ 08837. It has been revised at several subsequent Annual General Meetings. You can view the updated (current) bylaws of the Association via the following link: The Bylaws of CUFSAA .

03. CUFSAA Accomplishments

A. A video created to highlight CUFSAA accomplishments at the Tamasha 2023. This video was screened at the Tamasha 2023 of CUFSAA-NA held on September 02, 2023.

B. A video created to highlight CUFSAA accomplishments at the Annual General Meeting of 2022. This video was screened at the AGM2022 of CUFSAA-NA held on November 07, 2022 8pm EST.

C. A Video created on April 2018 listing CUFSAA achievements during the previous two years (2016-2018) existence of CUFSAA.


04. Would you like to be involved with our activities and be an active member of CUFSAA?

There are many ways you can help. For example, you can raise funds for a project of your choice to support UofC, Science Faculty, Student population. etc. Please fill out the membership survey at https://goo.gl/forms/nBOt2H0KOMxDc7Q73 or send us an email.

CUFSAA Membership Eligibility: Any past student or academic staff member of the science faculty of the University of Colombo may apply for membership in the Association using the prescribed form below. There will be no membership dues to become a member of the Association. Members are expected to update the information provided in the said application, as and when necessary by contacting the association secretary via email or postal mail or by updating the membership form posted on the Association website.

If you meet the above criteria, Please consider becoming a member and participate actively.

Just follow the link below and fill out the membership form and become a member of CUFSAA.

Alternatively, you can complete the following information and email it to: 


1. Name
2. Address
3. Telephone Numbers
4. Email Address
5. Nature of Association with the Faculty of Science of the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. (Tell if you were a staff member, undergraduate student, graduate student, etc..)
6. Duration of your association. Please let us know the beginning and ending year of your association.
7. Additional Remarks (if any)
[Expected time to complete the survey is less than 5 minutes.]

Thank you!