Tamasha 2023 Event Sponsorships are available

Dear CUFSAA Members:

We know all of you have generously contributed your talent, time, and treasures to CUFSAA over the years which made CUFSAA a growing and successful organization. We greatly appreciate your support for the event with an advertisement or a personal message for the Tamasha 2023 souvenir magazine. We are hoping to reach US $10,000 in revenue from the souvenir. Our sponsorship levels for the event and costs are described in detail at the following link, including the benefits for each level of support.

There are many ways you can utilize a page of the souvenir. Listed below are a few ideas. We can certainly work with you to transform your idea into a beautiful and meaningful message/artwork/photo/etc.

(i) Add a photo of your batch/batchmates or some memorable moment (like a batch trip photo or a campus building photo, etc.)

(ii) A tribute to one of your beloved professors/lecturers (living or passed away)

(iii) Share a poem or a sinhala kaviya

(iv) A short story about your time in  UofC or some memorable event, etc.

(v) Pay a tribute to your FIRST friendship or to your SPOUSE whom you first met under the ‘Nuga-tree”, “Sal-gasa” or at the “Open Canteen and shared that fabulous vade+plain-tea” that made your life a PARADISE on earth ;-).  [Note: please make sure your FIRST LOVE is your current spouse).

There are 2 ways for sponsorships: a full-page personal message/ad @$100 or an e-ad (10 sec slide) @$50. You can sponsor multiple e-ads/slides.

We look forward to your support. Please be advised that sponsorships need to reach us by no later than August 02, 2023.

Please click on this link for additional details on Tamasha 2023 Sponsorships and how to reserve and pay for sponsorships.

Sponsorships for Raffle Draw prices are also available. Sponsors will be listed in the souvenir magazine and will be recognized during the event.

Please include a camera ready copy of your advertisement or email the advertisement to us at info@cufsaa.org.