RESCON2022 & Pre-Conference Workshop on International Collaborative Research PGIS at RESCON 2022

About RESCON 2022

▶ RESCON 2022 is the annual research congress of the Postgraduate Institute of
Science, University of Peradeniya.
▶ It features (mostly) postgraduate research from across Sri Lanka.
▶ Participation – postgraduate students and academic staff members (about 450).
▶ RESCON 2022
▶ 9th installment of RESCON
▶ fully online
▶ 295 abstracts submitted
▶ 28th – 30th October 2022

Themes of RESCON
The abstract submitted for RESCON would come under five themes
▶ Earth and Environmental Sciences
▶ ICT, Mathematics, and Statistics
▶ Life Sciences
▶ Physical Sciences
▶ Science Education
This year’s keynote will be from Science Education.

Annual Research Congress of the Postgraduate Institute of Science (PGIS RESCON 2022)

PGIS-RESCON 2022, the annual research congress of the Postgraduate Institute of Science, is an annual research conference that features postgraduate research from across Sri Lanka. Initiated as a platform for the students of PGIS to showcase their work, RESCON is now open to all universities and research institutes and has become one of the leading science conferences in Sri Lanka. The abstracts submitted to RESCON undergo a double-blind review by two peer reviewers, and accepted abstracts are published in the Congress Proceedings book. In addition, the authors present their work in the Technical Sessions of RESCON, chaired by eminent Sri Lankan scientists in the field.

RESCON 2022 is the ninth instalment of the conference, and 295 abstracts were submitted by authors spanning all Sri Lankan public and private Universities and Scientific Research Institutes. The Inauguration Ceremony of RESCON 2022 will be held on the 28th of October, followed by online Technical Sessions on the 29th and 30th of October. The Techincal Sessions are subdivided into five themes;
1. Earth and Environmental Sciences
2. ICT, Mathematics, and Statistics
3. Life Sciences
4. Physical Sciences
5. Science Education
This year’s keynote address will feature Science Education, as it is a relevant topic in the current context of Sri Lanka.
Pre-Conference Workshop on Encouraging International Collaborative Research.
RESCON was originally a physical conference, meaning that the authors were supposed to be physically present at the PGIS to deliver their presentations. However, the conference was moved online due to health restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, this was challenging, and the Organizing Committee had to endure technological challenges. Now, having done the conference twice online, the Organizing Committee and the PGIS staff is well equipped with the experience to manage the technical sessions, and the feedback we receive from the participants indicates that they prefer the concept of an online conference. RESCON 2022 was planned as a hybrid conference, but the Organizing Committee decided that the conference would be entirely online again due to the country’s situation.
Moving the conference online has presented the organizers with new opportunities, notably opening the conference to the international community. Last year, we got submissions from authors in Australia, Canada, Japan, and the USA. The authors presented their work online. This year, we plan to go even further and connect the researchers in Sri Lanka with international researchers by organizing the Pre-Conference workshop.
The workshop will be titled “Encouraging International Collaborative Research”. It will feature Sri Lankan expatriates who are eminent research scientists outside Sri Lanka and institutions that do international collaborative research. The workshop is planned to be held on the 22nd of October, and the Organizing Committee expects just below 500 participants to attend the event. All the registered participants will be
invited to the workshop, together with all the other students of the PGIS who are not presenting at this time. Most of the Sri Lankan participants will be young researchers with bachelor’s degrees in Science.
The pre-conference workshop aims to
1. Educate young researchers in Sri Lanka about collaborative research opportunities in other countries.
2. Explain the basic setup of international collaborative research and guide the participants on setting up international research.
3. Discuss the importance of collaborative international research in the country’s current context and how such research can help.
4. Organize a setting where international researchers and RESCON participants can interact freely and easily.
5. Introduce the agencies/entities that administer collaborative research via an expo mode.
The intended outcome of the pre-conference workshop is to enable young researchers in Sri Lanka to collaborate on a research project with an international researcher or a research group. To achieve this objective, the organizers think that having a platform where participants can move freely with the international community would be more productive, rather than just having sessions.

Please read more about this event from the following two documents: