ANOTHER SUCCESS STORY: E-book Subscription Service to University of Colombo Students/Science Library

Dear CUFSAA Member,

You are cordially invited to attend the ceremony to celebrate the E-book donation by CUFSAA at the University of Colombo.

Date/Time: Monday, October 24, 2022 @10:30 pm EDT or 7:30 pm PDT (USA).

Zoom Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 682 8773 0007

Passcode: yt!2@UY$


[The date/time listed in the invitation image is for Sri Lanka. The date/time for the United States is: Monday, October 24, 2022 @10:30 pm EDT or 7:30 pm PDT (USA).]

CUFSAA is very grateful for your generous contributions to this very important project. Your support has given hope and encouragement to students in continuing their academic progress while the country is going through unprecedented challenges and difficulties. YOU HAVE MADE THIS POSSIBLE!

We want to thank the members of the subcommittee, E-Book Subscription Service to University of Colombo, Sachith Dissanayake, Reshan Fernando, Mevan Jayasuriya, Sumudu Katugampola, Prabath Kuruwita Arachchi, Lalith Perera, Kumuditha Ratnayake, and Jeeva Witanachchi for their work.

About This Project:

As you all are aware, our motherland is going through unprecedented challenges and difficulties that have literally impacted everyone and all institutions. Through all these hardships, the Science Faculty of UofC has done an outstanding job in maintaining steady academic progress by conducting courses using a hybrid system of in-person and online classes.

At present, the new academic year has started, and classes have resumed. While in-person classes have started, remote learning activities have continued due to the current economic situation and the shortage of essential goods and services in the country. The Faculty of Science is doing their best to maintain its remote learning platform to maintain academic progress of students. However, there is an acute shortage of required textbooks as the University is unable to purchase these textbooks due to the unavailability of funds to the library.

The Science Faculty library of UofC has developed a plan to implement an e-book subscription service through ELSEVIER to bring the library and information services to the current standards and expand the student access to textbooks through their computer.

The library has already started working with ELSEVIER to implement the e-book service through ELSEVIER’s Science Direct Platform and selected a list of most critical books across all scientific disciplines to support the current degree programs.

After hearing this tragic situation and receiving a request from the Dean, Science faculty, CUFSAA worked with the ELSEVIER on behalf of the Science Library and was able negotiatea more favorable cost structure for the e-book subscription service. Considering the urgency of this need, CUFSAA has paid US $ 4,376 directly to ELSEVIER so that the UofC students and staff can access this critical e-book collection as soon as possible. At present, the Science Library has received the E-book collection and is working to implement this invaluable service to benefit students and faculty.

The list of e-books and their prices are provided for our members to sponsor one or more e-books of their choice. The list includes a total of 29 e-books [consisting of 11 Chemistry books, 5 Mathematics books, 4 Plant science books, 3 Biochemistry books, 2 Physics books, 2 Environmental science books, and 2 Zoology books].

Again, we kindly ask for your generous support and purchase one or more e-books from the list. You can send the money to CUFSAA via the links given below. Many of you have already sponsored e-books from this list (Thank You!) but we still have several e-books available for sponsorship.

By fulfilling these E-book subscription services, we can help our students continue their education and achieve future success for themselves.  At a time everyone in the country is struggling to make ends meet and our fellow students are faced with tremendous challenges and huge uncertainty about their future, the most important thing we can do as past students of UofC is to show our support and give them hope.

Link to the E-Book Donation Page:

Thank you!
CUFSAA Executive Committee