Prof. Valentine Joseph Memorial Gold Medal Winner – 2020

Prof. Valentine Joseph Memorial Gold Medal 2020 Winner: Vindula Kumaranayake

Where did you grow up?

Kirillawala, Gampaha, Sri Lanka

Why did you decide to major in mathematics?

I came to the University of Colombo wanting to do physics, but in the university, I thought that studying the universe from a mathematical, more abstract, and rigorous view point is much more satisfying to me. (More fits to the taste of me)

Out of all the subjects you learned at UoC, what is your favorite course?

I think I liked all the mathematics courses in general. But I preferred the analysis courses more. I particularly enjoyed the complex analysis, measure theory, and functional analysis courses.

What do you know about the late Prof. Joseph?

I have heard that he was one of the exceptional experts in the General Relativity from Sri Lanka. I have seen him only once, he conducted an invited talk at the department of physics (UOC) in May 2016. (Einstein; the wunderkind)

 What is your current area of graduate studies and the university you are studying in France ?

 Mathematical Physics, Universite de Bourgogne Franche-Comte (Master 1 in Mathematical Physics).

What is your future career ambition ? 

Becoming a researcher in Mathematical relativity – from a PDE viewpoint.

[The above is the interview transcript of the 2020 Prof. Valentine Joseph Gold medal winner, Vindula Kumaranayake conducted by Dr. Kirthi Premadasa.]