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CUFSAA-NA Distinguished Speaker Series

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  1. Distinguished Speaker Series – Talk 01 (April 27, 2022)
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The Inaugural Talk of the CUFSAA-NA Distinguished Speaker Series organized in association with the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo will be delivered by Dr. Nalin Samarasinha on April 27th 2022, 10:30AM Eastern Time (April 27th 2022, 8:00pm Sri Lankan Time).  The details of the talk and ways to join and listen to the talk are described below.

Title: Asteroid Colombounilanka and Contributions to Astronomy by University of Colombo

Brief Bio: Nalin H. Samarasinha received BSc (Physics Honours) from the University of Colombo and MS and PhD (Astronomy) from the University of Maryland. He works at the Planetary Science Institute in Arizona, USA as a Senior Scientist. He studies small bodies of the Solar System, focusing on comets. The International Astronomical Union in 2002 named asteroid (12871) Samarasinha, in recognition of his contributions to comet science. He is the co-discoverer of asteroid (607372) Colombounilanka.

Abstract: I will present a brief introduction to asteroids and discuss the discovery and naming of the asteroid (607372) Colombounilanka. The internationally recognized accomplishments by the alumni of the University of Colombo who have made direct contributions to astronomy and the services performed by the University of Colombo academic staff and alumni in the arena of astronomy education and public outreach over many decades will be discussed thus providing a strong rationale for the naming of Colombounilanka after the University.

How to Join: Speaker Series talks are delivered via ZOOM.

The talk will be on: Apr 27, 2022 10:30 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

The talk will be delivered via FB Live and YouTube Live. If you run into registration issues, please join us via FB Live or YouTube Live.

Upcoming Talks of the Speaker Series

Please visit this webpage often to see updates and to join us at upcoming talks of the series.

Concluded Talks of the Speaker Series

These are the concluded talks of the series available as on demand videos for you to view at your leisure.

CUFSAA Distinguished Speaker Series is organized by the Speaker Series subcommittee of CUFSAA-NA in association with the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo.  If you would like to contact the subcommittee please write to us at speaker-series@cufsaa.org. We are particularly interested in hearing from our members with topic and speaker suggestions. Thank you!

CUFSAA Speaker Series – Introductory Video