Book Donation to Science Library

The Science Library of the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo requested CUFSAA-NA to acquire and donate the following books to the library (Requested books).

1. Textbooks:
(i) The list includes a total of 45 textbooks [10 Chemistry books, 7 Mathematics books, 1 Plant science book, 23 Statistics books, and 4 Zoology books] (UofC Textbooks Request_List and Prices).
(ii) I have searched these books on Amazon and included the prize and link to the Amazon web page (see attached Excel file).
(iii) You had mentioned that we may be able to purchase these books (Asiuan edition) from India at a significant low cost. Would you be able to find out what the cost is and how to get these books from India? My understanding was that we will place the order from Sri Lanka and arrange delivery directly to UofC.
(iv) If we are to purchase these from US through “Take-a-Book” program, then we could ask our members to purchase/donate them and we will send them to UofC via friends who will be visiting Sri Lanka. We can create a gift registry i Amazon listing these specific books. That way our members can directly purchase them without any issues and there will not be any issues with multiple people buying the same book. I propose we share this with UofC alumni in other countries (England, Australia, New Zealand, etc.) as well. I am sure many of them will understand the need and will help (just help buy a book).

2. E-books:

UofC has received a proposal/quote from ELSEVIER (Elsevier eBook Proposal UOC-2022) for 29 books at a cost of US $4376 (Elsevier EBook List_UOC_2022). According to the proposal, once purchased, these books can be accessed perpetually. The proposal is valid until August 31, 2022.