Glassware Shipment Project

The glassware shipment to the Department of Chemistry, University of Colombo arranged by former CUFSAA-NA Executive Board member Dr. Lakmal Boteu and his family has been completed on January 2024 and is on its way to Colombo.

This Shipment was two pallets weighing over 1000Kg containing over 9000 items. In addition to various glassware items, it also contains analytical columns, Chromatographic columns, syringe systems, UV lamps, Solvent and vacuum pumps, heating units, filter papers, culture/centrifuge tubes, balances, spectrofluorometers and many other items (Please see Glassware_Shipping_List for the item list).

These documents have been sent out to Dean/Science, Head/Chemistry for prior approvals before the shipment arrives (from VC, Senate, Secretory, Education Ministry, Secretary, Finance Ministry) in Sri Lanka.

The cost of shipping these items was $630.00. There was additional cost for clearance ($80) and shipping ($213) at the destination.

CUFSAA-NA sincere thanks Dr. Lakmal Boteju and his family for all the hard work.

This is truly a great gift to the Synthetic and drug discovery lab of the Chemistry Department at the University of Colombo.