Synthetic Chemistry & Drug Discovery Lab

Synthetic Chemistry Lab Proposal (Estimated Cost of Equipment = $100,000)

The cost Basic infrastructure budget – $75,000 to be provided by the Faculty

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Synthetic Chemistry and Drug Discovery Lab !!!

Think of the days when you carried out your laboratory experiments or research projects with limited and aged equipment and facilities but still received a good education which paved the path for your success.

With those limited facilities, the department imparted quality education that made you the successful person you are today!

Would you not prefer the upcoming generations of students to use more advanced facilities?

Fortunately, the Chemistry Department has made significant strides in laboratory development in the last several years

New facilities include:

Centre for Advanced Materials and Devices (CAMD)
Centre for Advanced Materials and Devices (CAMD)

Center for Transgenic Technologies
Center for Transgenic Technologies

Instrument Centre
Instrument Centre

Now the Department plans to set up a Synthetic Chemistry and Drug Discovery Laboratory and CUFSAA-NA plans to fund the phase of the project that covers the basic lab infrastructure consisting of fume hoods, chemical resistant benches, Schlenk line, solvent purification system, rotary evaporators, balances, ovens, hotplates, stirrers, and other general lab equipment.

Estimated Cost of the Equipment Budget:  $100,000

Item Estimated cost (USD)
Five port, dual manifold Schlenk line equipped with direct-drive or rotary-vain vacuum pump 20,000
Single station glovebox with purification catalyst bed 30,000
Solvent purification system 30,000
Balances, ovens, hotplate stirrers etc. 15,000
Glassware items required for air-sensitive chemistry 5,000
TOTAL 100,000

You can make a difference in the lives of the upcoming generations of students to use more advanced facilities to bring our research to another level.

We are grateful to the vision of the faculty in the Chemistry department who has made great strides in upgrading the laboratories the last several years.

We are confident that with your support we can reach this goal fast!

Please make your donation by posting a check to:

Colombo University Faculty of Science Alumni Association
c/o Ms. Sandya Liyanarachchi
Treasurer – CUFSAA-NA
5870 Tara Hill Drive
Dublin OH 43027

Or by Paypal using the following link:

The project proposal is linked here and is in the process of evaluation and implementation. As of now, CUFSAA-NA plans are to support this project partially at the Equipment Cost level ONLY.