A. Resources to Alumni in Grad School and Industry:

1. Transitioning from a Graduate of University of Colombo to a graduate student in the US – A Presentation full of useful tips – June 2016

2. TIPS for Teaching Assistants arriving from Sri Lanka – September 2018

3. Tips for Sri Lankan Grad Students entering the Corporate World – October 2018

B. Resources and Reading Materials related to CUFSAA

1. Article on 1977 Science Faculty Batch Get-together on December 08, 2018 held at the Pegasus Reef Hotel, Wattala – Nalin Samarasinha

2. Prof. Valentine Joseph Biography (1929-2017)

3. A report from Oregon Total Eclipse viewing party of UofC Science Faculty Alumni – Nalin Samarasinha 

4. Prof. M. L. T. Kannangara (1925-2017)

C. Links to websites and other resources

1. Alumni Association of the University of Colombo

2. University of Colombo Alumni Association of NSW Inc.