High Performance Computers for Plant Science Department

The Department of Plant Science wishes to set up a high-performance computer facility to enhance applied bioinformatics skills among undergraduate students and initiate genome-scale research projects. In this regard, the Department wishes to purchase two high-performance computers to meet the current requirement.

CUFSAA also discussed whether cluster based computing can provide a good enough solution. However, the bioinformatics special degree students and faculty require longer uninterrupted flexible time to complete their research projects which can take a couple of hours or days. Hence given the number of students and their course loads, flexibility becomes a crucial issue. CUFSAA also looked for expert opinion and found flexibility to be a very important practical aspect in this type of research

The Head of the department of Plant Sciences, Dr. C. M. Nanayakkara sent CUFSAA a Request for Funding and the association expressed its willingness to support the project.

Please review the complete project proposal and support us. The complete project proposal is here.

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