Please become a CUFSAA member and support our Activities

CUFSAA Membership Eligibility: Any past student or academic staff member of the science faculty of the University of Colombo may apply for membership in the Association using the prescribed form below. There will be no membership dues to become a member of the Association. Members are expected to update the information provided in the said application, as and when necessary by contacting the association secretary via email or postal mail or by updating the membership form posted on the Association website.

If you meet the above criteria, Please consider becoming a member and participate actively.

To Join CUFSAA, click on the link and fill out the Google membership form ONLINE: 

CUFSAA Privacy Policy: Information collected  through the Membership Form and other forms via this website will be used exclusively for CUFSAA activities and will not be shared or sold to any 3rd party. Your information will be utilized only to reach out and promote CUFSAA events and activities.

Thank you!


Completing the online form listed above is the preferred method to join CUFSAA. Alternatively, you can join CUFSAA by sending an email to    with the following information as well:
1. Name
2. Address
3. Telephone Numbers
4. Email Address
5. Nature of Association with the Faculty of Science of the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. (Tell if you were a staff member, undergraduate student, graduate student, etc..)
6. Duration of your association. Please let us know the beginning and ending year of your association.
7. References (Please name any CUFSAA member/ current or former Colombo University Science Faculty academic staff member we may contact as a reference, if necessary).
8. Additional Remarks (if any)