FOS Media Camera Project

Request for still cameras for the Faculty of Science for the activities of the official media unit of the Faculty

We have received a request from University of Colombo, Faculty of Science, Media unit (FOS Media) for a media camera for the use of science faculty.

Faculty of Science Media (FOS Media) was officially started in 2010 as a science students’ blog and now serves as the official media unit of the Faculty of Science. FOS media covers the photography and videography of all the major events at University of Colombo. Students’ Blog, FOS TV (online TV channel), UOC Rhythm (online radio channel) and FOS Media Reporter are the main brands of FOS Media.

Although FOS Media is mainly based on the contribution of students, the academic staff and demonstrators also contribute to it in an official capacity. Dean of the Faculty of Science is the advisor of FOS Media and the Dean’s office had recruited two demonstrators to manage the activities of FOS media.

The current still camera of FOS media had been used to shoot over 500,000 photos at the university and now, it is not functioning properly. So, FOS media currently depends on students’ personal cameras. FOS media made a request to CUFSAA to donate a still camera to cover the events and train new students who don’t have personal cameras.

Request: CUFSAA is collecting donations to donate a Canon t6i camera with a 18-135mm lens (approximate cost is $800) to FOS media. If you like, please donate using the following PayPal link or send a check to the following address.

Also, If you would like to donate any functioning DSLR camera, please contact us on ““.

Amount needed to purchase the camera: $800
Please donate. Thank you!

Colombo University Faculty of Science Alumni Association,
c/o Dr. Saliya De Silva,
393 Valley Road,
River Edge, NJ 07661

Here is the link to the full proposal sent by FOS media: FOS Media Camera Donation